Vitamin D Deficiency / Rickets /

Vitamin D supplementation for babies

01 What Do I Need To Know?

During pregnancy babies receive and store vitamin D from their mother. After birth the vitamin D level falls and some babies are more at risk for low Vitamin D levels and supplements may be recommended to prevent deficiency.

At risk for vitamin D Deficiency

·      Premature infants born less than 32 weeks gestation

·      Birth weight < 2000gm at birth

·      Breast fed infant of vitamin D deficient mothers

Vitamin D is required for

·      Absorption of calcium for healthy bones and teeth

·      Reducing the risk of soft bones or rickets

·      Improving muscle strength

·      Growth and a healthy immune system

How long is Vitamin D supplement required

At risk babies should have 400 international units per day for the first 12 months to ensure that they develop sufficient stores. There is usually sufficient Vitamin D in formula once babies are taking > 800 – 1000 ml per day.

Commercially available preparations

OsteVit-D drops 2 drops daily= 400 IU daily

Ostelin drops 1ml daily = 400Iu daily

Pentavite 0.45 ml daily= 400 IU daily



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Last updated: 10/12/2012