Dr Liz Hallam

Paediatrician Dr Liz Hallam, has over 20 years' experience. From pre-pregnancy to adolescents, and every development stage in-between, Dr. Liz can take care of your children's needs.  

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Our Philosophy

To ensure that each child reaches their full emotional and physical potential in a calm and positive environment, and to provide you with the support and peace of mind you're looking for.

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As soon as you walk through the door Rubi and Lizzie's smiling faces will make you feel welcome.

Call and their friendly and helpful manner will put you immediately at ease.


Rubi has vast experience working in the medical administration sector in Melbourne, Perth and London.  Her love of children fuels her passion for all the delightful little ones who visit Flourish Paediatrics.  Not to mention her love of dogs, being sated both at work with Miss Polly and at home with her beloved and very cute Bichon Frise, Alfie.


Lizzie has worn many hats in her life and was one of Australia's first hat hirers.  A background in nursing led to a long career in public relations, marketing and events management with Lizzie describing her nursing years as 'being on the frontline of public relations'.


And of course, no visit is complete without meeting Miss Polly, our gorgeous chocolate labrador. She is often out on her walk with her doggy friends Daisy and Ted.