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Whether you have a serious or ongoing worry, would like to have a well child check or have a niggling issue to tackle, we share the same values of wanting the best for your child. Find out what’s involved in making an appointment to come and see Dr Liz. 


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Preparing for Your First Visit to Flourish

We appreciate that we're all busy people so we aim to run on time. If you can be prepared it helps us make the most of the time allocated to you and lets you plan your day better. There are some preliminary formalities that need to be carried out before the appointment properly commences, so we allocate extra time in order to review your registration and referral. 

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About Appointments

Before your appointment, we will discuss your referral with you, and if needed explain the referral system, inform you of how much time we feel needs to be allocated to your appointment and why, and provide an estimate of what the fees will be.

Your First Appointment

We aim to run on time, so your first appointment will consist of an initial 5-10 minutes for the completion and review of registration forms. The initial face-to-face consultation with Dr Liz is 30-45 minutes for a simple problem or 45-60 minutes for a more complex problem or where there's more than one problem.

If you feel you need more time please discuss this with us and we can arrange a longer appointment for you, additional pro-rata fees will apply.

Follow Up or Review Appointments

Follow up visits will be allocated up to 20 minutes for a simple problem and up to 30 minutes for complex problems.


We encourage you to have an ongoing relationship with your family doctor (GP) and we ask that you obtain a referral from your GP prior to the consultation. If you have a current GP referral then you are able to claim a Medicare rebate. The referral will relate to a specific problem and is valid for 12 months. If you need advice about another problem after the first consultation then you are required by Medicare to obtain a separate referral. 

Referrals from other specialists are only valid for 3 months.

For families who prefer not to, or are unable to, obtain a referral from their GP or do not have medicare entitlements, then we are still happy to see you. The fees will be the same but you won't be able to claim a Medicare rebate. 

Your child health nurse or GP usually performs well child checks. However, some families choose to see a paediatrician instead. We are happy to provide this service to you, but this will only attract a Medicare rebate if you have a valid referral.

Attending Without Your Child

It is important to us that your child’s experience at Flourish Paediatrics is a happy and positive one. We encourage you to speak openly to your child about the reason for the visit and avoid any comments during the consultation that your child may perceive as negative or critical.

Sometimes parents feel that there are issues they would like to be able to discuss openly but they may need some guidance on how to deal them. For example, these may be  highly personal or sensitive issues or those which are not in the child's best interest to hear about at present. If this applies to you please discuss this with us and we will do our best to offer you a separate appointment to discuss your concerns. However, Medicare will not provide a rebate unless the child attends the consultation.

We do discourage having the child wait outside while the adults discuss issues that relate to them. There will be the odd occasion where this is unavoidable and this will be managed on a case-by-case basis.

There are three options available to you should you wish to come without your child:

•  A private visit where no Medicare rebate applies;

•  A separate referral for you to Flourish from your GP;

•  A referral for two or more adults involved in the child’s care to attend and the visit can be claimed as a group therapy session.


Why Our Fees Are higher Than the Medicare Schedule

The Federal Government sets Medicare benefits arbitrarily. Over the years the benefit level has not kept pace with inflation nor the changing landscape of medical practice, thereby widening the gap between reasonable fees and benefits. Every medical practice incurs the cost of employing administrative staff, general running expenses such as computers and software, phone, rent, electricity, professional indemnity insurance, accounting fees and medical equipment. The practice costs must all be met entirely from the fee charged by the doctor for the medical services he/she provides to patient. The financial obligation on the part of the client that will be incurred is the gap or out of pocket  payment and where possible it is our policy to inform all prospective patients before the services are rendered.

Please feel free at any time to call us to discuss.

Medicare Safety Net

Families who are registered for the Medicare Safety Net will be able to claim 80 per cent of any gap (amount of out of pocket expenses between the fee and the Medicare rebate) once they have reached the threshold. The safety net is set each year on January 1st.