About Appointments

Before your appointment, we will discuss your referral with you, explain the referral system, inform you of how much time we feel needs to be allocated for your appointment and why, and provide an estimate of what the fees will be.
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Make an Appointment

Whether you have a serious or ongoing worry, would like to have a well child check or have a niggling issue to tackle, we share the same values of wanting the best for your child. Find out what’s involved in making an appointment to come and see Dr Liz. 


Make an appointment

Preparing for Your First Visit to Flourish

Before your appointment there are some preliminary formalities that need to be carried out. We allocate an additional 5-10 minutes for you to complete these which also gives your child time to play and settle in. If you would like to fill out all the on line registration form before you arrive, that will help us both even further.

Every now and again we are unavoidably called away to perform Emergency duties at Maternity hospitals. However, we try to keep this to a minimum during normal office hours. 


An online registration form is available, asking for your family details and information about your child. Please complete and return this to us before your first appointment. We try to run a paperless clinic and these details are essential for your child's electronic record. We respect your privacy and if you have any concerns please feel comfortable to discuss these with us. Read our privacy policy

Health Questionnaire

We will ask you to complete sme brief details about your childs presenting problem before your appointment. Yours and your family medical history is the cornerstone of diagnosis and often, during consultation, patients forget to mention important issues. 

Developmental Screening Questionnaire

At Flourish, we may ask you to complete a simple developmental screening tool, Ages and Stages questionnaire which will give us an indication how your child is progressing. It is used for children from 1 month until 5 1/2 years of age and this takes less than 10-15 minutes to complete. A couple of the questions have a distinctive American flavour, so if you are not sure leave it blank or try to answer equivalent to Australian conditions. Find out more

Other Useful Things to Bring Along

To assist us in providing you with as thorough assessment as possible, please remember your child’s:

•  Infant health record or Blue book, and any other growth and development data you may have;

•  Previous records or reports from other doctors or health professionals you may have visited;

•  Immunisation record, which should be in the back of your infant health record, although if needed we can access your records through Medicare Australia;

•  Growth measurements not in the infant health record;

•  Any photos or videos you may have taken that relate to your child's problem. Most people nowadays have a camera and or video on their mobile phone. A video or photographic record can be very helpful for episodes or conditions that are intermittent or change over time;

•  School age children;

•  All school reports;

•  Any previous educational assessments;

•  A brief letter from the teacher if the problems relate to school.

Consent to obtain information from other professionals

In order to complete the assessment of your child we often need to contact other professionals who may have been involved in your child's care. We will ask you to complete a Permission to obtain information form as part of the registration process before we make any enquires. If you have any concerns please feel comfortable to discuss this with us.

Our Toy Policy

We are very conscious of individual parental preferences regarding the choice of toys and entertainment for their child. 

We have decided:

•  Not to have a television;

•  Toys will be limited to those made from non-toxic materials and where possible derived from sustainable products.

If your child has some special toys they love to play with, please feel free bring them with you as a surprise for them when you come.

What to tell your child before their visit:

We encourage you to be as open as possible about the reason your child is coming to see us. Use child-friendly phrases and try and relate them to any conversations you may already had with your child.

We refer all our children to pathology for blood tests so you can reassure them that there will be no needles at the doctors today

There are some great tips on preparing kids and getting them through the clinic door on a US parenting website www.pbs.org/parents  written by a psychologist  click here to find out more .