Children: Complementary and Natural medicine 

If you feel that mainstream medicine does not always provide the solution for your child, then you may be interested in some alternatives. There’s a growing range of complementary and natural medicines to choose from that can be effective in treating your child.

Sometimes, conventional western medicine is not the only answer in helping your child to cope with illness.  A variety of alternatives are finally growing in popularity and are becoming more widely available, even though they’ve been around, in some instances, for thousands of years. At Flourish we respect every family’s choice and try to provide information on a range of topics we think may be of interest to you. 



This section takes a look at what alternative options are open to you when choosing a remedy for your child’s medical requirements. From naturopathy and herbal medicines, to Chinese medicine and acupuncture, we also investigate some positive and preventative measures you can take such as massage and stress management techniques. Here we give you an idea of what’s what.