Intercountry Adoption 

Adopting a child from another country is becoming increasingly popular and more easily accessible. As well as the usual hoops to jump through, there’s a lot of medical red tape you’ll have to deal with. Flourish can help guide you through the adoption maze.

Even before you decide to adopt a child from another country, you will have begun a long and emotional journey. In addition to the heap of administration you’d expect to encounter, there’s a whole range of medical issues to consider as well. We provide personalised care and specialist advice before you go overseas, while you are away and after you all arrive home. Here we cover medical, developmental, and other issues concerning intercountry adoption and the obstacles you may encounter.

We offer pre-adoption planning, advice and counselling as well as pre-travel consultation so that you’re fully prepared. While you’re away we can continue to support you via telephone or Skype and also online. Once you return we can provide a personalised and comprehensive medical evaluation and health screening visit. This covers a country-specific growth assessment, immunisation review and developmental screening. We can also prepare the necessary medical reports on your behalf.