Double the Trouble and Triple the Fun

Congratulations – you have joined an exclusive club and are about to embark on a very special journey. Becoming a parent of multiples brings with it extra challenges, but oh so many joys....Lucky you!

Juggling two or more babies at once takes a pinch of patience, an element of efficiency plus a huge dose of logistical planning. As mother of twins, Dr Liz has first-hand experience of what it’s like to handle more than one baby at a time, what kind of additional help you might need and when, and understands the emotional highs and lows that may lie ahead of you. A multiple birth may also bring with additional medical implications.



Multiple pregnancies are very special and can be hugely rewarding. However, they do take a bit more planning and require extra assistance - after all, you only have one pair of hands.  Most importantly, you need a strong support network to enable you to take some time out for you. We also cover other concerns, such as whether or not the twins are identical, safe sleeping, feeding, development and some problems specific to multiples.