Organic and Eco Generation

Are you one of a growing number of people seeking a healthier lifestyle? Whether you’ve ‘gone organic’, employ complementary forms of medicine or use preventative forms of staying healthy such as yoga, meditation and supplements it helps to know where to go.

Leading a chemical-free lifestyle is not as easy as it sounds. What you probably don’t realise is that your home will be bursting with invisible toxins and, at any one time. Our exposure to pesticides, toxins and junk foods is considered so normal that to find suitable alternatives actually takes a bit of research and effort. Finding out what to choose and where to get it does involve extra legwork but is worth it for your family’s wellbeing. Caring for the environment, both inside and outside your home, is a responsibility being embraced by an increasing number of people.



This section takes a look at what alternative options are open to you when choosing a healthier lifestyle. It lists easy-to-use health education materials on how to prevent exposure to toxic chemicals and other substances that can affect your baby’s or children’s health. It contains details of not-for-profit organisations you can approach for further information and highlights issues worth considering.