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Home introduction of new foods: RCH protocol

01 In Brief

If your child has a history of food allergies you will naturally feel a little apprehensive about introducing a new food that you know may cause allergy. The Royal Children's Hospital has an easy to follow step by step protocol for you to follow.

02 What Do I Need To Know?

The Royal Children's Hospital, have an excellent protocol for home introducing new foods safely. 

Remember, best time to introduce a new food is whne you are not busy or rushed, earler in the day so you can observe any reactions and when you are know where to seek medical help. 

If your child is on antihistamines, be aware that it is preferable to cease these for the day as they may dampen down any response. if you r childe needs to take these daily then monitor closely.

Home introduction of new food

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Last updated: 09/05/2015