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Asthma in Children

01 In Brief

Asthma affects about one in nine children in Australia. Although there is no cure, fortunately there are now many effective treatments available. Although it was once thought that children outgrow asthma we now know that is not the case. There are many excellent resources available on line that will help you understand asthma, assess its severity, learn about trigger factors and about management, monitoring and medications. 

02 What Others Say

The Westmead Children's Hospital has a fabulous Asthma Resource Pack that covers almost everything you need to know about asthma.

Click on Children's Asthma Information Pack

The National Asthma Council has a separate website for children which is Highly recommended.

It has 4 tabs:  Basic facts, Diagnosing asthma, Managing Asthma and Asthma Medications.

In the FAQs section (?)

What is Asthma

Could my child have asthma

My child wheezes- does it mean asthma?

Do children grow out of asthma

And many other topics

It also has an interactive and educational games area where kids can learn about asthma.


03 I Want To Know More

National  Asthma Council

Asthma and Complementary Therapies: An evidence based guide

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Last updated: 16/01/2011