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01 In Brief

There are a multitude of medications available to treat children's asthma. Understanding how each group of medications work will help you feel in control when faced with an acute asthma attack or chronic cough and wheeze. This section contains links to excellent resources which explain the grouping of medications, a devices or inhalers board, instructions on how to use a puffer and spacer and action plans for home, childcare, school and school camp.

02 What Others Say

Children's Hospital at Westmead

Assessing the severity of your child asthma

Asthma medications commonly used for children

Using a Puffer and Spacer device

Using other Asthma inhalation devices

National Asthmas Council

kidswithasthma website has a great page on 

Asthma Medications

National Asthma Council Using your MDI (puffer) and spacer for kids

Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne has a very useful Asthma devices board showing real life photos of all the inhalers currently available 

RCH Asthma Device Board

03 I Want To Know More

Childrens hospital at Westmead 

Giving your child Asthma medications contains tips on how to clean spacers 

cleaning spacers

04 Clinicians Tools and Resources

Asthma Foundation Victoria 

Asthma Action Plans for

Children in child care, family day care and out of school care

School and school camp

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