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Wheezing in the First Year

01 In Brief

Wheezing in the first year of life is not necessarily a medical disorder and may be due to causes other than asthma. In more than half of children who wheeze in the first three years the wheezing is transient and does not increase the chance of developing asthma.

Exposure to tobacco smoke increases the chances of wheezing during the first three years of a baby's life. Maternal smoking during pregnancy is another risk factor for transient wheezing as it affects lung growth and development.

There is a clear association between asthma in a parent and the development in a child of asthma or the presence of atopy and persistent wheezing. Atopy is a genetic tendency to develop classic allergic diseases e.g. eczema, hay fever and asthma. 

02 What Others Say

  • Excellent Parent brochure produced by Australian Government and National Asthma Council of Australia

Wheezing in the first year of life 

03 Clinicians Tools and Resources

  • Australian Government has produced an up to date evidence produced summary 

Health Professionals brochure on Asthma and wheezing in the first year of life

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Last updated: 16/01/2011