Arrangements for Covid-19 consultations



Masks to be worn by children > 8 years and parents and Dr Liz

Consultation uses social distancing in waiting area

Dr Liz sits behind the desk and child and preferably one parent in corner of waiting area

Sadly no Toys or books available

Older children do well with a device


If examination is required then it is limited and performed in consulting room

Dr Liz will use gloves and mask



Any age group, and allows the child to participate as needed and both parents as well

This can be done by ZOOM

Patients will need to download the ZOOM app before the meeting

Dr Liz will send the link before the meeting

It has the advantage that we can use screen share for information etc and masks will not be needed



Please send through GP referral by email or fax before consultation

New patients please complete registration form on website> appointments drop down menu> reg form


If you anticipate a script is needed please have your pharmacy details available: name, address and email or fax

Scripts need to be emailed or faxed and then posted. S8 medication such as ADHD medication, Dr Liz needs to phone through details to pharmacy as well