Baby's First Hour - Congratulations!

No-one ever forgets the sound of their baby's first cry or the first time they hold that little bundle in their arms. You are just about to begin the journey of a lifetime as your baby adjusts to independent life outside the womb. 

Right now you'll probably be enjoying a bit of a surreal, happy blur. But there are more decisions that have to be made concerning your newborn. In this section, we discuss what you can commonly expect during the first hour and what things you may need to consider if certain problems develop - for example, what’s involved if baby needs help with breathing. By understanding beforehand what to expect, you can relax and focus on those first few precious moments as you fall in love with the newest member of the family.


This section is designed to fill you in on what exactly happens immediately after childbirth and to answer any common concerns you may have. However, it's not meant to replace any direct communication with your doctors or midwife. So, for example, it covers the normal newborn appearance; Vitamin K injections that are given into the baby’s thigh; the option of the Hepatitis B immunisation; how the Apgar scores are assigned; and cord clamping and stem cell collection.