The First Few Days

The first few days can be extremely busy and bewildering as you and your newborn adjust to each other - routine is something that’s simply not on your baby's mind! Remember to relax and go with the flow.... 

Now is the time to recover, get your bearings and get to know your baby in a safe and supportive environment. You’ll be learning new things and making big adjustments to your body and your life. Knowing what lies ahead can really help take the uncertainty out of the process. This section outlines what you can normally expect in the first one to five days of your baby’s arrival.

As you get used to your baby you'll start to understand what works and what doesn't. Our wonderful fact sheets and additional resources will help you cover the basics and know what to expect. They cover: what happens in the newborn check; screening tests; what can be expected from a normal baby; bowel movements; tongue tie, hip problems; the nursery baby check and jaundice. Common conditions and complications are also covered here.