Continence services: day and night wetting, soiling and toileting.

Whether it is a problem with day time or bed wetting, constipation, soiling or toilet refusal we have the experience and expertise to help. Find out more

Dr Liz Hallam is an experienced general paediatrician with broad experience in all areas of paediatrics.

Services provided include

Well baby checks

Unsettled and irritable babies

Feeding problems and fussy eating

Allergy assessment and skin prick testing

Failure to thrive and growth problems

Advice about immunisations

Behavioural problems

ADHD and Autism spectrum assessments

Childhood anxiety and stress

Asthma and chronic cough assessment and treatment

Continence feacal soiling, constipation and day time and night time wetting

Plagiocephaly, hip dysplasia

Urinary tract infections 

Eczema and other skin coionditions in children

Medical ear nose and throat problems

Infectious diseases

Other general paediatric problems