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  • International Breast Feeding Centre: helpful videos 

Really Good Drinking

Good Drinking


2 Day Old

10 Hour Old Baby

Baby 28 Hours Old Assisted Latching

Baby Led Mother Guided Started Upright Left Breast, Latches

4 Day Old After Tongue-tie Release With Compressions

Squeezing Nipple Demonstrating Difference Between Poor latch

Inserting A Lactation Aid

Not Yet Latching, Finger Feed to Latch

Cup Feeding

Jiggling and Pulling

Vasospasm Turns Pink

  • Breast feeding on Line:Dr Jack Newman

Handout #1: "Breastfeeding - Starting Out Right"

Handout #1a: "Skin to Skin Contact"

Handout #29: "How Breast Milk Protects Newborns

Handout #4: "Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk?"

When Latching

Handout #22: "Blocked Ducts and Mastitis"

Risks of Artificial Feeding Reference Sheet

Handout #15: "Breast Compression"


v Compression

v Compression two

Handout #4: "Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk?"

Handout #25: "Slow Weight Gain After the First Few Months"

Handout #19: "Domperidone"

Protocol for “Not Enough Milk”

Handout #31: "When Latching"

02 Clinicians Tools and Resources

  • American Academy of Paediatrics: Breast feeding initiatives

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