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How to talk to your child about ADHD

01 In Brief

This is a common question and the resources below can help parents with what can often be a nerve wracking experience when it doesn't need to be. 

Kids are usually pretty cool with this information and are usually relieved that people understand and that they can get some help. 

02 What Do I Need To Know?

There is a wealth of information available on-line and at times it can be overwhelming.

Below are some selected resources that should help you talk to your child about their diagnosis.

Getting the language right is important

Using child friendly and positive phrases when talking it through is important

03 What Others Say

-     Talking about ADHD: a poster from the Australian ADHD professionals Associations AADPA about using the right language  

-        Kids like Me children’s book online download

AADPA :"Kids Like Me", a children's book featuring original illustrations from young Australian’s with ADHD aged 5-18 years

Authored by Lou Brown, “Kids Like Me” aims to help protect the self-esteem of children with ADHD. The theme of the book aligns with the consumer identified need for recovery-focused care that promotes adaptation and personal empowerment 

- Talking to your child about ADHD from Onwards and Upwards Psychology 

-        What to Say to Your Kids About Their ADHD | Psych Central 

- Lovely READ ALOUD story: Cory Stories - A children's book about living with ADHD - YouTube 


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Last updated: 31/12/2023