Continence and Bed Wetting (Nocturnal Enuresis) /

Bell and pad alarms for bed wetting: Instructions for use

01 What Do I Need To Know?

1. It is important to involve your child in setting up the alarm

2. Place the rubber mat with the wires running across the bed on top of the bottom sheet.

3. Cover the rubber mat with a thin draw sheet or continental pillow cover.

4. Plug leads from mat into alarm box and turn on

5. Send your child to the toilet to empty their bladder before bed.

6. It is important that the child WAKES to the alarm. It will start to ring even when a small amount of urine is passed. If your child is a heavy sleeper then you may need to gently wake him / her while the alarm is still ringing.

7. The child must turn off the alarm

8. Send your child to the toilet while you change the draw sheet and wipe down the rubber mat with a damp cloth.

9. Fill out your diary noting time alarm went off and size of wet patch, small medium or large (use pizza sizes as a guide). If your child gets up and goes to the toilet before the alarm note this as well.

10. Turn the alarm back on and repeat if it goes off again. If it rings twice a night turn  off so you can get some sleep.

11. Turn off the alarm and remove form bed each morning.

12. Once a week wash in warm soapy water.

13. Aim for 14 dry nights in a row. On the last 2 nights fluid load with an extra 250 ml drink before bed.


02 What Others Say

We use Ramsey Coote bell and pad and there are a series of you tube on how to use:

How to set up the bell and pad

How to test the bell and pad

How to charge the bell control unit

Cleaning the bell and pad

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Last updated: 10/04/2020