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Innocent or Benign Murmurs

01 In Brief

A heart murmur is a sound that is heard by a doctor when they listen to the heart with a stethoscope. An innocent murmur is often detected during a routine examination and results from the sound produced by turbulence of normal blood flow through the heart. A paediatrician is usually able to determine whether any further tests are required. Innocent or benign murmurs are often much louder during an illnesses associated with high fever and as the heart pumps the blood harder resulting in the murmur sounding louder than usual. The doctor will often request a repeat examination to reassess the murmur when the child is well.

02 What Others Say

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03 I Want To Know More

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04 Clinicians Tools and Resources

  •  American family physician:1999; 60:558- 65.

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