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01 In Brief

It would be impossible to cover every aspect of heart problems or  paediatric cardiology. We selected up to 6-8 of the commonest issues to explore in more detail, based on what we know most families often need more information about and written in a way that you understand. Everyday we discover more and more on line. This section provides links to those sites that we consider offer balanced, reliable and up to date information and will grow as we find more. The search function should direct you to a topic readily to so you can quickly tell if we have it covered. When you want to know… we want to be the first place you look.


02 What Do I Need To Know?

Parent Support Groups

03 What Others Say

  • Heartkids Australia  has an extensive library of topics including anatomy and anomalies, tests and procedures, nutrition and health issues and adult congenital heart disease.

 Congenital heart disease information from Heart Kids Australia

  • Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne: cardiology department, Page includes fact sheets, information for parents in the cardiac and renal unit, cardiac catheter tests, your stay, cardiac surgery and manual, transition to care in an adult hospital for 15 to 18 year olds and other.

 Parent information

04 I Want To Know More

List of excellent links to resources on heart disease or conditions in children:

05 Clinicians Tools and Resources

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